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One of Brisbane's best entertainers, Helly Hoops offers a variety of hula hoop dance shows and performance. This skilled performer brings a huge dose of fun to the stage of any event, festival, or party and is guaranteed to make your guests and audience smile. Inquire about a hoop show here.


Helly Hoops stage shows are high energy, masterful in skill, and include 5-hoop tricks. Shows are 4-12 minutes in length. This costumed act can be performed on stage, in small spaces or outside.


An LED hula hoop show incorporates all the same skill as a regular hoop show, with the added beauty of glowing pictures! 4-12 minutes in length and a show-stopping performance, this is the best option for indoor venues.


Fun, playful and a great addition to events, a roving hula hoop performance is the final element to entertain and impress crowds. Available in regular hoop or LED hoop. Option: character / themed / clown entertainment.


Fire hula hoop shows are epic. Available across Melbourne, this sensational fire act is best suited to a stage or outdoor venue.


Starlight Children's Room:

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