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helly hoops c.v.

professional. on time . entertaining.
Facebook: Helen War


2014 - Double Degree in Fine Arts/Arts (Environmental Humanities) majoring in Print Media and Performance art, UNSW, Sydney.

2016 - John Bolton Theatre and Clown School graduate (full time Aug-Dec), Melbourne.



7 countries. 3 international tours in 4 years. USA. UK. Bali. Nicaragua. Paris. Malaysia. Australia.

Performers Without Borders tour 2018.

Slow Villas Artist Residency recipient 2019, with Soraya Foundation.

Multiple festivals around globe + across Australia.


Hundreds of clients.

Festivals. Universities. Council forums.

Retreats. Community fairs. Birthdays.

Bah Mitzvahs, weddings, hens parties. More.


Festivals 2014 -2019

Electric Forest Festival (USA)

Southwest Hoop Convention (UK)

Rainbow Serpent (Aus)

Earth Frequency Festival (Aus)

Spin Circus Festival (Aus)

Elements Festival (Aus)

Hoop Away retreat 2018-19 (Aus)

Byron Bay Hoop Festival (Aus)

Hoopy Happenings 2016-18 (Aus)


Clients - 

Hoop Sparx, Bam Bam Circus, Proactivity, SYL Sports and Wellness, Puzzledust Circus, Hoopy Happenings, Australian Catholic University, and 20+ agents


  • Helly engages people in a lighthearted and fun way that promotes community connection and wellness through a shared experience.

  • Booking Helly means platforming young people (people under 30) therefore encouraging youth engagement. She is trained in working with children and has worked with, and performed for children in 3 countries, as shown here in Indonesia, here in Nicaragua and here in Australia.

  • Girl power effect - female teachers and performers offer healthy role modeling for young girls; similar to here where she returned to give a speech and perform at her old high school.

  • Accessible and inclusive: Artist is professionally trained in theatre, character/clowning and community engagement, and has worked with children with special needs to be inclusive and engaging.

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Bailey Elle Photography Hoop Away
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